According to Harold Camping, leader of the independent Christian ministry Family Radio Worldwide, the world is going to end on May 21.

Billboards announcing the end of the world can be seen in many cities around the United States and some Central American countries. In Arecibo, Puerto Rico, where many families settled in Galicia, in the middle stands a highway, with large letters announcing the Day of Judgment. You can also see cars with ads on the subject, referring to a radio network, the Family Radio, created by Camping in the sixties and present in all major cities in North America.

This is not the first time that Harold Camping announced the world's end. In the past he had (and wrongly) predicted the rapture would occur between September 15 and 27, 1994.

According to Camping, the end will come on the May 21, at 6 PM local time, beginning in the South Pacific and spreading around the world in the form of an earthquake. Camping says that people will be able to watch the devastation as the quake works its way around the world to reach them all at 6 PM local time at their location.

Camping ensures that the apocalypse will last until 21 October, the day on which there will be no trace of the existence of the planet. That day has been clarified in detail, the fire will kill us all and our bodies were scattered throughout the earth. Also that day, God will choose who will be saved and go to his glory.