May 21st, Doomsday is one of the hottest search topics in Google.  

So in case you haven't heard by now, Harold Camping is the preacher who claims to have the calculations set on May 21, 2011 as The Judgment Day, Rapture Day, Doomstay  -or whatever you want to call it. Camping's apocalypse hype is getting worldwide attention.

Harold Camping, 89, is a former civil engineer and Bible scholar. He is president of the religious non-profit Family Radio based in Oakland, California which fervently preaches the message about the end of the world, now days away. He and a caravan of trucks have been plastering over 5,000 billboards, spending millions of dollars to spread the message.

So, where do they get the funding for all this?

Tax returns indicate that the radio ministry raised a staggering $100 million dollars over the past seven years. The ministry also owns 66 radio stations worldwide valued at $72 million in 2009.

Not to mention donations have soared as well. The contribution comes from radio listeners, according to Tom Evans, board member of Family Radio.

However, Camping claims that it is not about the money, but spreading the message and saving as many people as possible.  

When Judgment Day comes, if someone is a billionaire, how will they take their money with them? If we have any money left, and we will because we have to pay bills up to the very end ... it will all be destroyed because the world will be in a day of judgment.

The money is not important at all. It's a vehicle to spread the judgment and a vehicle of the Lord.

According to Camping, I've never taken one nickel out of Family Radio. Many evangelists have become very rich, but my wife and I live very modestly.

We have no interest in talking about money. We never tell people what to do with their money, that's between them and God.

And in case one might wonder, Family Radio has no intention of giving away their money before May 21.

The explanation?

There isn't going to be a Saturday. So certainly none of Family Radio's assets will be left because it won't matter, says Evans.

The last thing people should be concerned with is what Family Radio is doing or what their assets are. They should be concerned with what I am doing and how I will stand before God.