A May Day protester in Los Angeles struck a police officer with a drum during one of the rally's organized yesterday by the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The video, which can be seen by scrolling further down this article, is trending on YouTube and is getting a mixed reaction by users on the video sharing website.

In the video, the protester hits the officer in the back of the head. The cop, clad in riot gear, shows restraint and does not retaliate against the protester.

POLICE BRUTALITY! POLICE BRUTALITY! ...Oh wait. A protester hit a police officer with a large metal object, and the officer didn't even retaliate? In short, the police? were doing their jobs effectively and not letting stupid little kids intimidate or instigate them into violence??

Looks like this whole police brutality thing is, as always, a complete joke, said YouTube user thedangfish. Eight users gave thedangfish's comment a thumbs up.

User jacobzurra also saw hypocrisy in the attack.

You're right, most of the people who cry about police brutality are the hippies who go to these marches and start breaking the law and throwing metal bars and rocks at the police. Their. hardly just gonna stand there and take it, he said in response to thedangfish.

The May Day protests, led by Occupy Wall Street, encouraged people to skip work, school, shopping and other activities as a sign of solidary with the so-called 99 percent. It also put a focus on the struggles ordinary workers face while large companies thrive on their productivity without proper compensation.

More than 300 people have viewed the video, titled Cheap Shot On Cop. Users are divided on the video, which has 28 likes and 39 dislikes as of late Wednesday morning.

YouTube user Tony Maccaroni said Occupy Wall Street protesters should abandon their fight.

These protesters do know if? they keep this up the military will start guarding the streets? They better just ket this fad die and get a job, he said.