Manny Pacquiao is clearly on the mind of Floyd Mayweather.

The two biggest names in boxing have been pegged and rumored to fight since 2008 over and over again. For various reasons, the fight has never come to fruition. Questions and speculation are constantly barraged on the two anytime they do press for another fight.

This time it is Mayweather's turn as the undefeated Welterweight fighter looks to improve to 42-0 against World Boxing Council (WBC) champion Victor Ortiz. The Mayweather-Ortiz fight is scheduled for this Saturday at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas.

With the fight days away, Mayweather spent the press tour portion of the fight buildup by talking about the rival that he's never fought. Adamantly, Mayweather said he is not ducking Pacquiao.

Have I ever contradicted myself? Absolutely, I'm only human. When I get up on the podium and say, 'Yeah, Pacquiao, you next' if that's all you want to hear, that's all I've got to give you. That's what you all want to hear anyway, Mayweather said. I'm not ducking or dodging nobody, never have.

Mayweather then went on a tirade once again suggesting Pacquaio is on steroids. He said it's puzzling how Pacquaio turned great when he was 24. Most athletes, he said, you could tell they'd be good when they were younger.

I know what happens in this sport. A guy don't all of the sudden get to a certain age and just become good. Certain years, where was this guy at? He all of the sudden just pop up, become good and just punching hard out of the blue? C'mon, man. Make this make sense, Mayweather said.

In the past, Mayweather and his team of advisors have suggested Pacquaio is on steroids. They have demanded random blood tests as a condition days before their fight - even though this is not required by most state boxing commissions. Pacquaio's team says they have agreed to unconditional drug tests while Mayweather has said it's obvious Pacquaio does not want to be tested.

Mayweather says he's not the only one who feels this way in boxing.

I talk to Mosley. Mosley is a guy who in the past has used enhancement drugs or whatever you want to call it. I talked to him, after his fight (with Pacquiao). He said, Floyd, if I was you, I'd make him take the test, Mayweather said.

Mayweather also took issue with the fact Pacquaio got regarded as Fighter of the Decade by the highly regarded Ring Magazine. He also seem to complain about how Pacquaio takes the money he earns from his fights back to his home country of the Philippines.

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