The prospect of doing MBA in India has attracted people from all over the world, with many institutes in India offering a degree which has high prolific value among its peers. The advent of MBA gaining importance among its more technical cousin degrees like an MS or an ME, a higher specialization, has been attributed to the rising importance of strategic business administration and its influence on the fortunes of any enterprise. An MBA degree holder is entitled to become a manager / business analyst in an enterprise, in charge of the administration of the company. It includes specialization in programs like Operations, Finance etc each of which has its own importance in the global scenario.

Looking at the opportunities of MBA in India, the name that stands out is the IIMs. The Indian Institute of Managements are one among the topmost institutes of the world, with its students being recruited by top enterprises of the world, including but not limited to, the Wall Street giants,JPMC and other business tycoons. The IIMs have been maintaining a track record of 100% placement with top salary offer touching a whopping 28Lakhs Indian rupees per annum.

Other institutes in India that are a possible choice of destination for foreign nationals include the top twenty institutes in India including the Faculty of Management Studies, the branch of Delhi University in the national capital,Symbiosis group of institutes, XLRI and the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. The latter, IIFT as it is known, offers an inclination for foreign trade, with degrees awarded having an international specialization in them.

The future of an MBA grad is no doubt bright, but it is all the more difficult, with tight rope competition denoting the growing awareness among people of the value of an MBA from India.You would not want to be surprised to hear that there are more than 2 lakh people competing for 1700 seats of the IIMs.

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