The business aspects of the different industries of the country is expanding and thus creating more opportunities for the job seekers to find new and suitable work profiles in the arena. The advancement and increasing demands of the qualified professionals has lead to an increase in the level of education imparted to students in colleges and institutions. The courses and the degrees provided at the colleges and universities have undergone many changes, due to the need of the work environment. The students are always made aware of the practicality of the studies and the education imparted to them. The most popular and renowned degree for higher education, MBA, has also witnessed a number of improvements and changes, as per to the demands of the industry.

MBA is the most preferred education, opted by students for perusing their masters degree in any field. It is said; students with MBA degrees prove to be great leaders and are able to handle their team in a progressive way. The students are made to learn the intrigities of the type of profile they have planned to choose for their future jobs. Also, with the Indian market coming under the tag of globalisation, students need to learn the mannerisms and skills required to handle the international customers and clients. To make the students capable of understanding and deal with the international clients, a new MBA  course called MBA in international business has been launched.

MBA in international business covers the subjects of international business and international marketing. At present there are very few colleges providing education in MBA in international business and courses in foreign trade. This is required to be implemented in almost all the colleges of the country, because of the fact that, almost all business organisations are planning to expand their business in the international market. Companies have realised the importance of the foreign clients and that to grow, they need to expand their arena to the outer world and make people aware of their existence. At present there are only two institutions, which are actively providing MBA in international business to its students, they are:

v     IIFT- Indian Institute of Foreign Trade

v     SIFT- Symbiosis Institute of Foreign Trade

This course opportunity is also very fruitful for those, who are already working and want to have hikes in their career. MBA in international business can prove to be very productive in terms of promotions and salary hikes, because of the international approach and the experience provided by this course. The students of this course have been said to crack great job opportunities, with most of the students drawing packages of about 5- 12 lacs per annum.

Following are the job opportunities, which a student can seek for after completing his course of MBA in international Business:

v     International Marketing positions in companies which have foreign divisions and hence serving foreign clients, like automobile industry, IT sector, FMCG companies, companies producing electronic products, etc.

v     Business consultants for big brands, to advise them on different strategic decisions and plans related to foreign investments and work methodologies

v     Travel and tourism industry, to deal with the foreign clients and serve them according to their needs and requirements

v     Handling management and higher positions for decision making in companies having branches overseas

v     In the hospitality sector, to deal with the international customers, and make them comfortable by arranging things and planning things according to their habits

v     Companies for direct foreign investment and trading policies, to deal with the clientele there

Thus, we can say that MBA in international business is a very lucrative career option for students to growth in their respective jobs and gain hikes in their job roles and position.

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