width=312The MB&F Horological Machine No 2 carries on the adventure in cutting edge micro-mechanical art first initiated by the unparalleled Horological Machine No 1. Like its sibling, the HM2 displays a combination of avant garde design and watchmaking mechanics that transcend a mere wristwatch and delve deeply into the realm of imagination, three-dimensionality, and human artistry. For the first time ever, a mechanical timepiece incorporates an instantly switching jump hour with concentric retrograde minutes and retrograde date in tandem with a moon phase indicator that keeps track of lunar motion in both Northern and Southern hemispheres. This ingenious combination is given continuous life by every motion of the wrist, thanks to a refined self-winding movement brilliantly elaborated by watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht and his Geneva-based specialty firm Agenhor.An elongated rectangle extended along the arm's axis, the case of the MB&F Horological Machine No 2 case reflects complexity and a fanatical attention to sublime detail. Comprising no fewer than 102 individual parts, it features exotic combinations of 18K gold and titanium, ceramic and gold, or ceramic and titanium, and measures 59mm x 38mm. Despite the daunting complexity of the HM2 movement, MB&F was able to keep case height to a moderate 13 millimeters, a testament to the degree of sophistication and care this watch required to construct. The HM2's innovative functions are divided between the separated ruthenium or black-colored dials on the upper surface of the case. The time, indicated by jumping hours and retrograde minutes, appears in the dial to the right, while the moon phase display and retrograde date indicator occupies the dial at left. Sapphire crystals gently curve over both dials, enhancing the powerful visual allure of this radically unconventional timekeeping creation.

A sapphire exhibition caseback reveals the finely finished self-winding movement that drives the MB&F Horological Machine No 2. Based upon the excellent Girard-Perregaux 3300 caliber, it displays circular Cotes de Geneve decorations and an imposing centrally-mounted 22K gold rotor suggestive of the fearsome doubly-curved blade of a battle axe; this spectacular element features a polished edge, and the Maximilian Busser & Friends signature on the brushed section. Concealed from the eye beneath the edges of the case is a spectacular four-lobed extension of the mainplate; it supports the moon phase wheel, the wheel train bridge, and the hour disc. No fewer than 44 jewels enable this complex, world premiere mechanism to operate with efficiency and the maximum reduction of friction.

In the manner of every MB&F Horological Machine, HM2 represents the exceptional, with a production level that is fully in accord. Just 33 pieces of the 18K red gold and ceramic Horological Machine No 2 will be produced, with another 66 comprising the edition for the version in ceramic and titanium. The greatest number of timepieces--just 125 in each variant--are the Horological Machine No 2 watches in titanium/18K red gold and titanium/18K white gold. Each MB&F HM2 watch is presented to its owner in an extraordinary presentation case of jeweled metal and fine leather, complete with an analog thermometer and personalized insignias for the model on both the outer and inner surfaces. Fitted to the strap lugs by hex-head crosspieces are hand-sewn crocodile leather straps and folding clasps in 18K gold or titanium, according to the specific model. While clearly not intended for indiscriminate water submersion, the Horological Machine No 2 is designed to be water resistant to 30 meters.