MC Endeavors, Inc. is working worldwide to be the leading provider of natural disaster resistant building systems that use steel tube framing systems and rigid closed-cell foam insulation instead of conventional structural wood framing and rolled fiberglass insulation. The Company is an international Smart-Home Builder and Sustainable Community Developer. They utilize green technologies including solar, wind, and biogas-powered generators along with water remediation and retention storage systems.

MC Endeavors’ mission is to be the premier provider of natural disaster resistant housing and small commercial buildings that can withstand the constant onslaught of hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes while remaining economical and environmentally sensitive. The Company focuses on being an International Smart-Grid Home Builder and Independent Self-Sustainable Community Developer. They also focus on Earthquake & Hurricane Resistant Residences, Green Master Planning – LEED Certified, Water Remediation & Retention Storage Systems, Sewage Digestion & Remediation Systems, as well as Multi-Fuel Generators.

MC Endeavors’ products and systems are designed with safety in mind for building occupants. They help eliminate the rebuilding of homes and businesses after every hurricane, tornado, or earthquake. The Company offers safety and a useful green alternative to wood and unreinforced masonry building systems.

In April, MC Endeavors, Inc. announced that the Corporation has formed a new subsidiary named “All Things Green, LLC.” This subsidiary will support the upcoming $200M in construction projects over the next 5 years that will begin in mid-2012 and early 2013 after all master planning and design phases have been completed and approved. One of MC Endeavors Directors met with Haiti transition advisors in April. MC Endeavors looks forward to pursuing future opportunities to assist Haiti reconstruction in any manner that the Company can.

Earlier this month, MC Endeavors, Inc. announced that they acquired Seismic Foundation Control, Inc. of Edmonds, Washington. The new wholly owned subsidiary brings in-house a key element to complete the earthquake protection of MCE’s Lamisteel residential and small commercial buildings.

The patented factory built “Quake Guard Base Isolator” features a three-part system. It consists of a ball and socket casing and an elastomeric pad of rubber and steel plates vulcanized together with a steel frame on which the building’s steel floor frame is attached.

Mr. Tim Algier, Architect and CEO of MC Endeavors, Inc. stated, “The Quake Guard Base Isolators connected and supporting our Lamisteel frames become one integrated building structure that will absorb the earthquake and wind vibrations. These economically constructed base isolators will play a key role in the foundation engineering for the reconstruction efforts to rebuild cities and communities within the earthquake-ravaged countries of Haiti, Chile, New Zealand, China, and Japan. The estimate to rebuild these countries now tops $600 Billion and they require new technologies that are both economical and time-sensitive. Homeless survivors need to have their communities rebuilt, but they must have confidence that the new buildings can withstand the aftershocks and future earthquakes.”