The McAfee Threats Report for Q2 2011 sees the Android OS at the top of the mobile risk list, Apple's iOS and HP's WebOS at the bottom. The report also shows that Adobe has outpaced Microsoft in exploited vulnerabilities.

Apple fans have more evidence to support their home team, with Android rising to become the number one mobile platform at risk for malware developers. Last quarter's ranking for Google's mobile operating system was number three, a movement which directly mirrors Android's meteoric rise in market share from the end of last year.

However, Apple's own undeniable popularity points toward another major cause for Android's dubious honor as malware king: the open approach. Apple has a much more strict policy of review for apps, which nearly guarantees 'walled garden' security -- at the cost of openness and flexibility for developers and partners.

The report states that this is likely to change, however, and when discussing the relative risks of desktop platforms observes that the Mac OS -- until very recently considered completely secure -- has seen an increase in malware during the past two quarters. The report considers this a reflection of Mac's increasing popularity, which puts the Apple platforms squarely in the crosshairs of malware authors. It will be interesting to see if this type of malware makes its way to the iPhone and iPad as well. It is probably a case of 'when' rather than 'if'.”

When considering the report's findings that Adobe has passed Microsoft for security vulnerabilities, the same argument was presented. With Microsoft beginning to decline in influence in the so-called 'post PC' age, the platforms that run on top of operating systems (such as Adobe, and perennial hacker favorite Java) are becoming more appealing to exploits than ever. The report stresses, however, that This trend does not prove that Adobe’s technologies are more vulnerable or have more coding bugs than Microsoft’s.

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