The death of former NFL quarterback Steve McNair, killed in a shooting incident Saturday morning, was ruled a homicide by police, who also said he was dating Sahel Kazemi, the woman who was also found dead next to him.

Police have not yet characterized Kazemi’s death, Nashville police spokesman Don Aaron told the Associated Press on Sunday. He said an investigation will continue to classify her death.

McNair, 36, and Kazemi, 20, were in a “dating relationship for the past several months,” Aaron said. McNair was shot four times, twice in the head, by a semiautomatic pistol, Aaron noted. She was killed by a single gunshot wound and a pistol was found under her body, he said.

McNair and Kazemi were found at a Nashville condominium on Saturday at a condominium he shared with a friend, police told AP on Sunday. It appeared they both died in the early morning.

McNair was married to Mechelle McNair. They had four children.