For years my 83 year old grandmother has been drinking Slim-Fast. She has one shake at breakfast, and hasn't lost a pound--ever!

Here's why, after her shake she eats a big full breakfast, lunch and dinner. She's from the old country, and thinks it's a magic potion.

But the shake isn't hocus-pocus, it's meal-replacement. You have one and not the other. A shake instead of a meal, not both!

So, I should show her this. Published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, researchers found restricting food consumption to meal replacements helps people lose weight.

Experts split participants into two groups. One called Healthy Solutions, where food was limited to shakes, entrees, bars, and fruits and vegetables. The other, a medically supervised plan, where participants were given five shakes daily, or three shakes and two entrees each day.

The average weight-loss between the two groups was 43.4 pounds in 19 weeks, and the more people complied to the program, the better they did.

Fat chance I'll be able to convince my Italian grandmother not to eat!

Via Newswise.