Three medal events remain as the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics wind down, and only three medals separate the top three countries vying for thebiggest prize in these Games.

Before Sunday’s closing ceremony the four-man men’s bobsleigh event will hold its two final runs, the men’s cross country 50km enters its medal stage, and the men’s hockey gold will go to either reigning champion Canada or two-time champ Sweden.

Russia leads the entire field with 29 medals, followed by the U.S. with 27 and Norway with 26. Norway and Russia are also tied with 11 gold medals. Should Russia’s lead last through Sunday, it’ll be the host country’s first overall medal count victory since the 1988 Calgary Games, before the Soviet Union fell.

The U.S. won the overall medal count four years ago in Vancouver, albeit with a whopping 37 medals. Norway last dominated the 1994 Lillehammer Games, the astounding seventh time in Olympic history.

The Russians and Americans are in contention to pad their medal totals in the final bobsleigh event, while Norway has as many as three men in contention for the final cross country medal.

Canada is deadlocked with the Netherlands with 24 total medals, and also tied with the U.S. with nine golds. The Canadians could move up the board by silencing Sweden’s chances for a third all-time men’s hockey medal, and does have an outside chance in the four-man bobsleigh.

While the German contingency has struggled in these Games, the country is still sixth overall with 19 medals, including eight golds, and with three teams running in the bobsleigh it could deny both Russia and the U.S. allowing Norway to catchup.

Country     Gold   Silver   Bronze   Total

Russia           11      10        8            29

USA              9         7       11            27

Norway         11        5       10           26

Canada          9         10        5          24

Netherlands     8         7        9           24

Germany         8         6        5           19

Austria           4          8        5           17

France            4          4        7           15

Sweden           2          6        6           14

Switzerland     6          3        2           11

The full medal standings can be found at NBC Olympics here.