The Connecticut Company MedClean Technologies Inc. has been making major waves in the corporate world due to their success as a provider of innovative technology and services for the onsite treatment and disposal of medical waste. While the young company has continued to leave its mark on Wall Street, MedClean Technologies has recently reached an agreement that may make them a household name.

Today, the young company announced it signed an agreement with Structured Finance International (SFI), LLC, an independent financial partner. Under terms of the agreement, SFI will establish, wholly-own, and operate Green Healthcare Financial Solutions, LLC, which will focus exclusively on providing a broad range of financing services for MedClean customers to enable flexible lease agreements for MedClean Series Systems.

With the execution of this agreement, MedClean can provide custom leasing solutions to its customers to facilitate rapid adoption of its on-demand solutions for regulated medical waste (RMW) treatment and confidential document destruction. MedClean will also be able to reach a broader range of customers by offering expense solution that eliminates the need for capital expenditures.

John C. Salomone, who serves as the Managing Director of SFI/Green Healthcare stated, “MedClean’s unique and technologically advanced on-demand, containerized solutions, enable healthcare organizations to achieve best practices in RMW handling while improving their green profiles. We believe this technology will be widely embraced by socially, environmentally and cost-conscious healthcare facilities and we are excited to work with MedClean and their customers to provide the financial programs needed to enable every hospital and host community to enjoy the benefits of MedClean’s solutions.”