MedClean Technologies, the premiere developer and producer of technologically superior systems for the on-site disposal of regulated medical waste (RMW), today announced the signing of a distribution agreement with ‘green’-focused waste removal company Verde Enterprises LLC (Verde).

Verde, a partnership between a major NY-area waste services provider and a large electrical company, is dedicated to providing green solutions for carbon footprint reduction and efficient, cost-effective waste management solutions which are sustainable and environmentally conscious at every level. Verde has the infrastructural size to offer great value and service to any customer but a small enough modular structure to offer the personalized service clients demand.

A deal between two companies with parallel concerns, the agreement allows Verde to offer on-site integrated disposal of medical waste and documentation to its client base and is structured in such a way that both MCLN and Verde can cooperatively capture the abundant business of some 250 large medical waste producers in the region.

Projections indicate $1-2M of additional business being generated from the partnership in the first year alone, with a market penetration increase of over 10% thereafter.

President and CEO of MCLN, Dave Laky, touted the Company’s proprietary MedClean system and indicated it was the perfect solution, allowing Verde to offer the same robust medical waste and document processing capabilities to its clients that MCLN customers have enjoyed for so many years.

Laky went on to say that this strategic alliance “further validates the capability” of MedClean’s on-demand on-site containerization technology when it comes to cost, risk mitigation, and vastly improved process quality compared to traditional offsite hauling solutions.

Laky also noted that this agreement adds yet another company to the growing distribution network of healthy, well-positioned companies which can act as a channel to their installed customer bases for the strategic re-selling of MCLN’s solutions, creating substantial downstream profitability for the Company’s investors.

President and CEO of Verde, Tobi Petrocelli, warmly welcomed the agreement and praised the newfound ability to offer the extensive network of hospitals within Verde’s customer base the “cost-effective, high-quality one-stop-shop” capabilities which the sophisticated RMW processing and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) document destruction technology and services available through the MedClean system provide.

Petrocelli was quick to point out the additional savings from improved efficiency and lower cost, coupled with the ability to easily handle waste disposal on-site as it is being created, in an ecologically sound way that can help to save the planet.