Medical Care Technologies, Inc., a development stage company that operates private children’s health clinics in China, announced that it has commenced the enrollment process for its premium healthcare membership program in order to prepare for the grand opening of the Company’s very first facility in Dongguan, China, a very high end commercial district.

Families will now be able to enroll in Kid’s Quality Care (KQC), a pediatric services plan from the Teddyberry™ and Company healthcare center that is specifically designed to offer the highest quality pediatric care available for children in China.

KQC is a premium healthcare membership program that will allow members to access the best care available, by top-notch pediatricians, through the Company’s Chinese network of health and wellness centers. This membership program will also offer serve children of emigrants and local Chinese families.

Yearly fees for the customized membership programs will range from RMB 5,000 to 10,000 per member for an assortment of proactive pediatric healthcare services including, private doctors, regular monitoring and follow-up consultations, psychological and physical health checks, 24 hour personal kids’ health concierge call center, along with physical training and stress testing.

“There are more children’s health and wellness centers planned but we will grow at a safe pace so that we maximize and maintain high quality services to the children and their families,” stated Ning Wu, President and CEO of Medical Care Technologies Inc. “Our first ‘Kid’s’ health center is set to open in a few short months and public acceptance has been overwhelming.”

“We will staff and operate each healthcare center and offer state-of-the-art facilities on a membership basis as well as walk-ins,” added Luis Kuo, Chief Operations Officer of Medical Care Technologies Inc. “Our growth will not exceed our ability to staff and operate efficiently and manage our growth accordingly.”