Medical Care Technologies Inc. is switching gears to move its portfolio of oil resources into medical care technologies. The company today announced recent efforts to include Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) to its Tele-Health Suite, software that provides continuous interaction between patients and healthcare professionals.

CGM allows users to monitor their diabetes while reducing costs and providing an efficient way to treat, support, manage and monitor wellness. The trial data includes the patient’s diet, exercise habits, weight, stress factors and overall lifestyle choices that could affect glucose values.

Information obtained through CGM is sent to the patient’s clinic for clinical triage, which can be observed and analyzed by healthcare professionals. Since this is all done through the Internet, if a patient needs physician assistance, he or she can arrange a live Doctor Video Appointment.

“We are excited about the possibility of our CGM Tele-Health(TM) achieving automated glucose measurement, thereby offering those with diabetes a promising new tool for maintaining optimal glucose control. Our mission will be to offer Preventative Solutions and Treatment Strategies by using our technology to reduce the number of incidence and complications of diabetes and therefore save costs,” Ning Wu, president of MDCE, stated in the press release. “With our network in China MDCE will seek to take advantage of this program as it is seen to be a provider of innovative solutions that can be implemented.”

The United States isn’t alone on its quest for healthcare reform. According to MDCE’s press release, China has the second highest prevalence of diabetes in the world, reflecting an estimated healthcare-related cost at $32.2 billion for the 23.46 million type 2 diabetes patients in 2007; those costs are expected to hit $58.5 billion for 42.3 million type 2 diabetes patients in 2030. The Chinese Government recently announced policy statement for healthcare reform with a budget of $124 billion.

MDCE said it hopes to show that its REAL-Time CGM add-on can help lower the duration of hypoglycemic events, reduce hospital visits, and ultimately, hospital costs by designing strategies to offer preventative strategies.

The company said it hopes to have its REAL-Time CGM available on its Tele-Health(TM) Suite in the next quarter.