Medical Care Technologies Inc., an emerging company focusing on transforming oil resources into medical care technologies, recently announced the completion of a secure practice management system for Chinese medical clinics. The company will deploy its MedSuite technology at the first test site in Hebei Province.

Utilizing a secure interoperable network, MedSuite is designed for physicians and other medical care providers to securely share patient information. MedSuite creates workflow efficiency and reduces processing costs; however, with the addition of the TelehealthSuite, patients can also insert their medical history, obtain medical appointments, view labs and x-rays, consult with medical providers and acquire prescription refills.

“MedSuite will help facilitate the secure and controlled sharing of data and patient information throughout the health systems where we deploy,” stated Patricia Traczykowski, president of Medical Care Technologies Inc. “Our goal is to create an integrated healthcare system throughout clinics in Asia using our software, whereby physicians will have access to the relevant critical information that will enable them to better administer patient treatment. Additionally, patients can be proactive in their health care by contributing timely health data and dialoguing with health practitioners between appointments.”