One company that has shown potential to grow into a global power is Medical Care Technologies Inc. Located in London, England, the company has made it their mission to create a healthcare delivery and wellness site that is dedicated to helping Asian consumers live more balanced and healthy lifestyles.

Today, Medical Care Technologies announced that it has been developing its latest medical device technology called Heart Vital Signs (HVS). HVS will be included as an add-on to its Tele-Health Suite with remote cardiac monitoring technologies, which allow home electrocardiographic monitoring of patients who are at risk for developing arrhythmias or ones with suspected cardiac arrhythmias.

Management believes that by using a SIM card to connect to a cellular network, Medical Care Technologies’ addition of the HVS function will allow caregivers to be able to monitor a patient’s cardiac function regardless of where the patient is located. MDCE wants to implement this process in the Asian market place with China as a specific target point.

China appears to be an excellent location for the marketing of the HVS. According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular failure is the leading cause of death in the world. In china alone there have been between 1 million and 1.5 million stroke deaths per year with approximately 600,000 more deaths from heart disease. Statistics indicate that 30% of all deaths in China are the result of cardiovascular failure. With the technology advancements at Medical Care Technologies, this deadly stat could be greatly reduced.

When asked about the technological developments at MDCE, Company President Ning Wu was quoted as saying, “We are pleased with our team’s efforts in searching for solutions to better care for and monitor a patient’s heart. We believe that once our HVS technology is fully developed, physicians and caregivers alike will be able to provide the best possible remote monitoring for cardiology practices, hospitals and nursing homes, ambulatory electrocardiography and home-care services. We are hopeful that HVS will be available to the Chinese market in the near future.”

Currently, MDCE is trading in the $0.30 range and in the process of moving its portfolio of oil resources into medical care technologies, making the company even more viable in Asia. Medical Care Technologies has the potential to grow substantially in the near future, and with a strong management team, state-of-the-art technology and capital in place, Medical Care Technologies Inc. may be one of the most overlooked stocks on Wall Street.