Medical Care Technologies Inc. revealed exciting news today, January 15, 2010, about leveraging the Company’s proprietary Telehealth technology in the opening of MCDE’s very first Telehealth Clinic in Tianjin, 100km SE of Beijing.

The London, England-based MDCE’s Telehealth technology is a framework for providing advanced connectivity and internationalized standardization in a secure environment for the growing Asian health industry.

The Company has entered into talks with local Chinese officials in order to secure this initiative, which will represent only the first of many such sites, as is consistent with MCDE’s business strategy to move from a portfolio of oil into a comprehensive health care delivery system targeted at China’s booming wellness market.

This move constitutes a vital revenue stream for MDCE, and as such the Company is striving to achieve the utmost in an organic infrastructural roll-out, working closely with local Tianjin authorities to seamlessly integrate with China’s existing healthcare system.

With plans to open additional Telehealth Clinics in Tianjin and the outlying areas, the goal is to create a network of facilities based on the Telehealth technology that MDCE’s Management sees as the solution to optimizing Education, Diagnosis and treatment for patients.

The Clinics will feature family practice consultations; emergency evacuation logistical support through a global alarm network; complete pre-employment health screenings and screenings for the elderly; as well as vaccinations and after-hours emergency services.

The CCCP and State Council in China both signed the 2008 Guidelines on Deepening the Reform of the Health-Care System, legislation aimed at modernizing China’s healthcare infrastructure in such a way that no primary care or insurance system would facilitate the queuing for health services.

The Company seeks to score big profits for its investors by tapping into a growing Chinese middle class in search of healthier lifestyles, with the Telehealth Clinics providing treatment as well as education in a way that is empowered by MDCE’s Telehealth Technology.

The Tianjin Clinic is the first step towards realizing the larger goal of the Chinese government’s plan for healthcare reform, which is projected to create a strong foundation for equitable and universal medical services provisioning.

The Chinese government has promised a drug system, universal basic health insurance, and acting in conjunction with better primary healthcare providers to collectively aid the reform process of med-clinics and state-run hospitals.

President of MDCE Mr. Ning Wu commented that the “relationship with the health care industry in China” was just getting started, and affirmed his dedication and that of the staff of MDCE to realizing the Chinese government’s goal by providing the highest standard in facilities via its Telehealth Clinics, which offer “the potential to catalyze progress towards enhanced human health and well-being in China”.