Medical Care Technologies, – developer of a full suite of products and services in China’s rapidly growing children’s healthcare clinic, healthcare delivery and wellness sectors, reported the successful return of MDCE President and CEO, Ning C. Wu, from a fact finding mission throughout Beijing and Hong Kong where she visited multiple state-run and private children’s hospitals.

In addition, a variety of strategically planned talks with high ranking health officials and leading professionals from the medical industry were held, helping to pave the way for the Company’s planned rollout of children’s health centers, planned to commence as soon as the China State license application is approved.

A shrewd move by MDCE, which is undergirding this move with a full commitment to the establishment of a Medical Advisory Board, drawing on qualified representatives from within the health care industry itself like:

• Dr. Ciu-Lan Bao, Head Physician, Department of Pediatrics, Beijing Xiehe Hospital – renowned early childhood developmental specialist

• Dr. Xiao Le Zhang, Pharmaceutical Department Head, Peking University Hospital

Both Dr. Bao and Dr. Zhang will be instrumental in providing the necessary tactical reference for submitting a winning formal business plan to the Chinese State Authorities and are so taken with the developments spearheaded by MDCE that they have each considered playing a larger and more decided role on the Company’s Medical Advisory Board.

Wu also took time to meet with finance executives from several Asian investment banks, in preparation for ongoing negotiations directed at obtaining support for the children’s hospital rollout and the Company is actively seeking further financial investments towards this same end.

The Company now plans to conduct a market feasibility study as well as finalize preparation of the formal business plan required for state approval and confidence is high at MDCE that not only will state approval go through without a hitch, but that the rollout will be well received/timed.

Long-term and short-term financing looks solid, projections for securing additional inputs meet or exceed expectations and MDCE is in a prime position to start driving returns home to shareholders as the Company moves forward to address the staggering demands of China’s exploding middle- and upper-class for such healthcare services.