Meek Mill slammed the Tomi Lahren, a news anchor for TheBlaze, for criticizing Beyoncé’s performance at the Super Bowl 50, where she celebrated the Black Panthers, and called her husband Jay Z a drug dealer. Lahren’s comments saying that Beyoncé’s performance “politicized and advanced the notion that black lives matter more,” received severe flak on social media where users said that Lahren was being racist.

Meek Mill posted a photo of the couple on his Instagram page and slammed the anchor for talking against the "Formation" singer and Jay Z.

Lahren had said, in a video uploaded on Facebook: “Beyoncé, really? What is the political message here? What is it they are trying to convey here? A salute to what? A group that used violence and intimidation to advance, not racial equality but an overthrow of white domination,” adding: “Your husband was a drug dealer. For 14 years he sold crack cocaine. Talk about protecting black neighborhoods – start at home, right?”

One Facebook user commented on her video saying: “Only a racist would hear "black lives matter" and think it's supposed to mean ‘black lives matter more than white lives,’” adding: “It is meant as a reminder that black lives DO matter, in the face of a justice system that appears to assert otherwise. The fact that this needs explaining is ridiculous.”

Another user wrote: “Why the need to bring up her husband and whatever he has done to make ends meet before his come up? It looks like to me someone is a little upset at the fact she's not getting that much attention with her corny 3 minute rants. Please do some more research on the black panther folks.”

After the comments accused of the anchor of being racist, the 23-year-old anchor also reportedly received death threats. Lahren later posted another video defending her criticism and said that it had nothing to do with race. However, users criticized even that.

“I have nothing against Beyoncé,” Lahren said Wednesday, adding: “I pointed out that white people love her. Little white girls look up to her just as little back girls do. Please tell me what is racist about that? Truth is some of you aren’t interested in a real conversation about race.”

She also said: “You don’t scare me,” adding: “My assessment of the Beyoncé Super Bowl performance was not racist in any way. My message was clear: America should be coming together every day, but especially on America’s game day.”