After reports suggested that Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend Meek Mill entered into a massive fight over living together during his house arrest, a Hollywood Life report Wednesday suggested that the couple’s relationship may turn into a “trainwreck” after the latest fight. The warning for a possible tumultuous relationship ahead comes amid rumors that Minaj and Mill were engaged, after the “Anaconda” singer posted a photo on Instagram in which she is wearing a big diamond ring.

A report by TMZ last month said Mill had asked Minaj to stay with him in Philadelphia during his 90-day house arrest that was ordered earlier this month. The house arrest sentence came after the “Dreamchasers” album-maker was found guilty of violating his probation, which stemmed from drug and gun charges in a 2008 conviction. Minaj reportedly refused to do so, saying she could not put her life on hold for his criminal charges, sparking the biggest between the couple.

Hollywood Life said Wednesday, citing a source, that the fight might not be over just yet. “There is definitely truth behind their fights but they both live for it,” an insider told Hollywood Life exclusively, adding: “They know how to push each others’ buttons and actually end up loving each other more after an epic yell fest.”

The source continued: “Now that Meek has 90 days in house arrest this will test everything,” adding: “There relationship will flourish into marriage or be a complete trainwreck and they will break up. And it’s all up to Nicki and if she wants to visit him or not, she is wearing the pants because Meek still wants it to be a thing.”

Rumors of the couple’s engagement first made rounds last April, following which speculations about Minaj being pregnant also spiraled as she referred to Mill as “my baby father.” Minaj had denied engagement rumors earlier but in December, she again posted a photo wearing the diamond ring.

Last year, reports also suggested that Minaj was planning to break up with Mill over his ongoing feud with Drake that began last July.