A TV reporter in Philadelphia got a little more than he bargained for while reporting on the Northeast’s latest winter snowstorm.

Steve Keeley, a reporter for Fox 29 in Philadelphia, stood by the side of a major road on Monday to discuss the issue of unplowed streets in rural areas. As Keeley spoke, his cameraman captured footage of several snowplows driving up and down the road in a bid to clear the area.

Keeley’s report was meant to be relatively uneventful -- in fact, he’d segued from talking about the snow into providing trivia about a local hero who had played for the Philadelphia Phillies. However, Fox 29’s coverage took a shocking turn when the newsanchor was hit by snow from a passing snowplow.

The wall of snow was so thick that Keeley temporarily disappeared from view. But the veteran reporter, who, according to Fox 29, has covered 15 separate snowstorms this winter, would not allow the unexpected event to affect the broadcast. He maintained his footing and finished the segment, despite audible screams from onlookers.

In a broadcast later on Monday morning, Keeley noted that he’d stood about 20 feet from the side of the road, a distance that he assumed would be well out of the reach of the snowplows.

During an appearance on “Good Day, Philadelphia,” Keeley discussed the incident. “You know, I’ve spent my whole time here, ever since the invention of YouTube, I have done everything I could to avoid being a YouTube star, and I think that hit will be on YouTube.”

In the wake of the snowplow incident, Keeley also took to Twitter to thank his fans for their support. “Thanks for all well wishes it just looks like it hurt but didn’t at all so it’s cool to have a good laugh on us @foxphilly29,” he wrote. “My partner Greg Gilroy got it worse hit direct in chest but also unfazed. Woke him up after long drive from Long Island.”

The video of the TV reporter can be viewed here, courtesy of Fox 29.

[h/t For The Win]