On Friday night, millions of Americans will be glued to their television screens, cell phones or the web to find out if they will be $640 million richer, as Mega Millions reaches a historic milestone with the biggest jackpot in the world, ever.

But what if a Canadian has a ticket that matches all six numbers? Is a Canuck eligible for the big prize?

We don't discriminate . . . people, they'll e-mail us and want to know, 'Can Canadians win the lottery?' Absolutely, Mary Cassani of Vermont Lottery told The Toronto Star this week.

The catch is that the ticket must be purchased in person in any of the 44 participating states. (Playing online won't make you eligible).

Since Tuesday's winner-less Mega Millions drawing, the jackpot for Friday has significantly increased with each passing day, jumping from the originally estimated $476 million to what could reach an unprecedented $640 million.

The jackpot is a mammoth compared to what folks up north have had in the past. The largest jackpot in Canadian history was in 2005, when Lotto 6/49 reached $54.3 million (hey, it's still a lot of money).

According to The Toronto Star, Canadian lottery winners will be also be required to pay taxes, depending on which state the ticket was purchased in. A Canadian with a winning lottery ticket purchased in New York, for example, would be required to pay an 8.82 percent state tax, on top of the 30 percent federal tax.

On Twitter, Canadians have been taking part in the Mega Millions fever, with many posting with the hashtags #MegaMillions and #640million.

Americans would RIOT and HATE US!!! wrote @quiethaylestorm.

One American, however, seems to be displeased with the news.

Mega millions is the largest jackpot ever $540 million and someone is def gonna win it tonight. Did you know CANADIANS are allowed to win? #BS, wrote @ROBBYjey.

As Canadians scramble to get their hands on one (or hundreds) of lotto tickets just in time for Friday's drawing, some retailers are preparing for the extra traffic coming from across the border.

We've actually got extra staff coming in later just to work simply to run register and do lottery tickets, John Henderson of Ogdensburg, New York, told Ottawa radio station 1310News on Friday. Henderson, who works at Stewart's Shop, added that more Ontario plates have shown up in his parking lot because of the big jackpot.

Ticket sales will stop at 10:45 p.m. EST. The Mega Millions drawing will take place at 11 p.m. EST. Good luck to all.