Megan Fox can now be ranked in the same category as pin-ups Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Brigitte Bardot.

In the new commercial for her Giorgio Armani ad campaign, Fox plays a sexy 50s siren echoing beauties of the past.

The ad showcases Fox, basked in gossamer lighting, putting on her Armani Designer Lift foundation in a montage of super seductive shots.

The sultry starlet looks gorgeous as ever, with her dark hair curled in soft, romantic waves and her eyes lined in charcoal.

With a strand of pearls draped over her arm, Fox pats on the Armani foundation with a darkly manicured finger.

She smolders during the one-minute ad, nibbling on her necklace and pouting her famous lips all while 1950s jazz plays in the background.

The Designer Lift foundation is a new product from the Armani make-up line. The base comes in 10 shades of smoothing, firming liquid with SPF 20.

The claims? It restores up to 10 years of luminosity, firms lines up to 87 percent, and firms skin by 73 percent. For 12 hours of lifting action, according to Armani.

Armani promotes the item specifically for its use of Stretching Micro-fil technology, an ultrafine micro-lifting serum that seals in emollients and velvet filters, leaving the skin soft and firm.

It is tailor-made with special Prussian blue pearl pigment, which gives the skin depth and a stunning luminosity. Discolorations are corrected and dullness is eliminated.

The foundation costs $65 per bottle.

Megan Fox has been an Armani girl since she appeared in an advertisement for the brand's jeans and underwear lines in May 2011.

Of course there was no shortage of sex appeal, as Fox posed for the ad in just a bra and panties.

Since then, Armani Jeans has chosen Rihanna as the face of the Armani Jeans campaign.