Drilling for oil isn’t what it used to be. The equipment, machinery and technology have made overall production much more efficient and cost effective. When oil drilling first began, technology was as basic as it could be. The individuals would pick a probable spot and drill until they struck oil or run out of drill bit length. Today an oil site has a complete arsenal of modern amenities. Ground penetrating radar, satellite imagery, highly advanced bit selections are among the many items that can be used.

One of the biggest breakthroughs in recent years that will eventually replace steam driven technology is applying a direct current of electricity between electrodes in producing wells and electrodes either located at surface or in the oil zone in adjacent wells. One reason for this is because not all areas are accessible to steam driven technology. Some of the main reasons are high volume production, efficiency and being greener.

The independent oil and gas company, MegaWest, has announced that they have paired up with Electro-Petroleum, Inc. who created a commercial application for oil recovery. It is known as Electrically Enhanced Oil Recovery. By this juncture securing opens the door for evaluations, testing and potential oil recovery in MGWSF’s leases in the Clear Creek sector located in Missouri. As a result, expect a sharp, positive increase in Clear Creek’s resources and better still, their reserves.