Megola Inc. announced that the company has received the initial order and payment for their leading Hartindo Anti-Fire products. This order was placed by EcoBlu, Inc., fulfilling part of an agreement signed in November.

Specifically, this order consists of 30 totes of Hartindo AF21 fire inhibitor concrete. This product will be incorporated into EcoBlu’s Fire Retardant Coating products and is scheduled to be delivered in the month of February.

Darryl Germain, Megola C.O.O., stated, “EcoBlu has been diligent in conducting all testing necessary to meet the various wood industry requirements, including those for engineered wood products. Megola is extremely optimistic for our future prospects and we firmly believe that our patience will be well rewarded.”

In November of 2009, Megola and EcoBlu entered into an exclusive licensing agreement. Under the terms of this agreement, EcoBlu acquired the exclusive use of Megola’s Hartindo AF21 Fire Inhibitor products in North America. Hartindo AF21 products provide Class A fire protection for lumbar, panels, and engineered wood products.

Recently, EcoBlu presented their product line at the 2010 International Builder’s Show, accompanied by Megola President and CEO Joel Gardner. This event was able to showcase various EcoBlu products and showcase their first green building product line.