Everyone has different motivations for exercising, but this is a new one: A New Jersey gym claims to have put Mel Gibson's face on every one of their treadmills. If his abusive rants get your blood boiling, burn off the calories while you let off some steam.

Gerry wrote about chocolate milk recently, but over at Divine Caroline there's an argument for not drinking milk at all. I rarely drink milk, but I'd be lost without low-fat dairy products. Do you still think milk is part of a healthy diet?

Diagnosed with breast cancer at age 40, one mom turns to exercise to help battle her disease. It gave me time to focus on me, and it gave me the energy I needed to tackle the everyday activities coupled with various doctor appointments. It helped me deal with the added anxiety that this disease weighs down upon a person, she writes on DailySpark.

Celebrities pay top dollar for their personal trainers, but now you can workout like a Hollywood star, too. FitSugar has an exclusive workout by Jarett del Bene, personal trainer to celebs like Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port.

I don't believe in superfoods, but we all know that eating a varied diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins is important. Forbes Health suggests a few of those important foods in their 10 foods you should be eating list.

The five second rule -- legitimate or urban legend? Julie's Health Club has a great roundup of recent studies. The bottom line? Drop your food on the sidewalk or ground, it's probably okay to pick up and eat. But if you drop it on your kitchen floor, throw it out.

Does your mind try to trick you out of weight loss? I know mine does. Fitness Black Book has some not-so-common excuses that might be stopping you from losing the fat. Check them out to see if they sound familiar.