K. Michelle, singer-songwriter and star of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta," is standing behind her charge that music industry executive Mickey "Memphitz" Wright abused her, even though co-star Rasheeda Buckner questions her story.

In the newest "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" episode that aired on Monday, K. Michelle (born Kimberly Pate) told Buckner that she wanted Wright, known as Memphitz, to apologize to her.

"It at least makes me feel like there is some good," she said.

"Maybe he's not doing that because that's not something he did to you," Buckner astonishingly responded to Pate.

Pate couldn't believe that Buckner wasn't siding with her.

"Rasheeda, he did that to me. I had scars all on my leg, carpet burns from fighting," Pate insisted. "How would you feel if a towel was over your face? Smothered. He needs to apologize."

"I have every text message when (he) tried to say (he) would kill my son. If I was an evil chick I would have sent that to a blog right now," she continued about Wright. "And I haven't done it."

"(For) three years my career was ruined because I could not talk. I don't have that anymore," she continued. "I don't care what anybody has got to say about me. None of y'all were there. I got my (expletive) beat and I gotta explain to the world what happened to me."

Even though Buckner involved herself in the Pate-Wright drama, she became upset with the singer and took out her aggression on Twitter for the public to see.

"WHY does my opinion matter so much. U wanna down everybody but want sympathy," a frustrated Buckner tweeted recently. "I neva met 1 person in da streets or the industry who has ever said Nothing nice about u. U have no man and no friends #urselfdestructing!"

But fans of the show came to Pate's defense after the episode aired.

"K.Michelle's not lying and Rasheeda know that, she just doesn't want to admit it to Toya," one fan said. Many people agreed because it was re-tweeted more than 2,000 times on the micro-blog. "But I think she should release the evidence."

At the end of the day Pate was happy that the abuse episode aired so that her side of the story could be exposed. She also thanked the show's producer, Mona Scott Young, at the end of the tweet.

"Very difficult for me and my family re-living certain events 2night, but I'm proud of myself. I get stronger everyday," the star tweeted. "I fought for years just for people to hear my cry, to understand what i went through, And finally today God granted me that moment. I feel like a load has been lifted, and I can move forward. I am free. Nothing or no one can take this day from me. Thank u @monascottyoung."

Whether or not Wright actually abused her, the ninth episode of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" was what Pate needed to move on with her career and her life. Wright, normally an avid tweeter, has yet to post since the latest episode aired.