width=158With new workouts, new gym equipment and the latest and greatest in exercise gadgets, it's hard to know what is the most effective way to stay in shape - even for men.

Therefore, the experts from Men's Health magazine have created the Men's Health Gym Bible, a guy's ultimate resource for the total gym experience. Written by certified strength and conditioning coach Mike Mejia and magazine contributor Myatt Murphy, the book helps both gym newbies and gym veterans understand what they need to do to get the most result-worthy cardiovascular and strength-training exercises.

The book will help you figure out how to get the most out of personal training sessions, whether or not a group fitness class will help meet your fitness goals, and how to design your own gym routine. The guide also features photos and instructions for how to properly perform exercises.


  • Includes objective information in a clear and concise manner
  • Attention to proper technique may reduce risk of injury
  • Helps you design your own fitness routine
  • Appeals to both novice and experienced gym enthusiast
  • Tailored to men, but can also be helpful to women
  • Dispels fear over not knowing how to use gym equipment or how to perform exercises
  • Maximizes gym experience and assists you in getting the most out of your gym membership
  • Includes how-to-use information for every piece of equipment at the gym


  • Exercise charts may include some editorial mistakes
  • Lacks a nutrition component

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