German Chancellor Angela Merkel restrained the hasty support for Greece by assuring Germany will not be rushing into a new bailout for Greece.

She told foreign correspondents in her Berlin office yesterday that she will rush into a decision over neither Greek aid nor backing a candidate to head the ECB.

On the Greek matter, Merkel stressed that the nation should strictly adhere to the EU-IMF economic stabilization program; while acknowledging the brave efforts made by the Greek government so far she still stressed on the need to carry out the programmer and the privatizations agreed.

The Chancellor assured that she will not rush her decision on the Greek situation as she would wait until the report from the EU-IMF inspectors provided specific figures before she takes a position on whether anything needs to be done.

She added that the speculation is not helping the nation or the euro area saying to the correspondents we are not doing Greece any good by speculating wildly and I do not mean journalists, I speak as a politician, Merkel emphasized. It is neither for the good of Greece nor for the good of Europe, she stressed.