According to Exit polls, German Chancellor Angela Merkel won a new term in elections Sunday and looked set to be able to form her preferred center-right coalition.

The exit polls released as voting closed showed Merkel's conservative Christian Union bloc (CDU and CSU) as the clear winners with about 33 percent of the vote, which is lower than 35 percent in 2005 vote.

That will mean that Merkel, Germany's first female leader and the only chancellor from the East Germany, can serve another four-year term.

The Social Democrats, Merkel's main challenger, plummeted to between 22 and 23 percent – their worst score since World War II.

The 17th German Federal Election ended at 18:00 on Sep.27th in local time. There are 28 political parties, 3556 general election candidates registered to participate in German.

Total of 62.2 million peoples have the right to vote this time. The election turnout descended from 77.7% in 2005 to 71.2% this year, which is the lowest record in history.