An associate professor of kinesiology at Cal State San Bernardino is on the run from police, after a raid on his apartment allegedly uncovered evidence that he was operating a methamphetamine ring.

Stephen Kinzey, 43, also reportedly led a local chapter of a motorcycle club called the Devil's Diciples. Authorities found more than a pound of methamphetamine, rifles, handguns, body armor, leather biker vests and other biker paraphernalia at Kinzey's apartment, and have arrested nine others believed to have sold meth as part of Kinzey's operation.

To have an associate professor who is a member of the Devil's Diciples and allegedly dealing methamphetamine is quite alarming. I mean, it's unusual to say the least, Sheriff Rod Hoops said at a news conference in San Bernardino.

Kinzey's father Hank pronounced himself sick to my stomach over the allegations, and sounded incredulous in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

My son is a Christian. He's a good father of a good little girl, Kinzey told the paper. My son doesn't drink. My son doesn't smoke. I don't get it. He's a Ph.D.

Kinzey's students also expressed surprise on the Web site, albeit with a little more humor. One student described him as 'crystal' clear both in and outside of class, and another concluded a complimentary note with the phrase Legalize everything and free Dr. Kinzey!