Have you ever wanted to own a baseball team?

Do you have $20 million in cold, hard cash?

If you've answered yes to both, you could be the perfect suitor for the other New York City baseball team, the Mets. For the last four months, the owners of the Mets have been trying corral about 10 people to buy a chunk of the franchise. Although anyone ready to dish out $20 million for the team would have a 4 percent ownership of the franchise, they would not have say in how the Mets are managed.

The New York Times recently revealed some interesting details about other perks that suitors would get. The minority owners would have access to Mr. Met, though the degree to which they have access was not specified. That means Mr. Met might not be making free birthday appearances.

Other perks included a business card emblazoned with the title Owner and you're entitled to attend a strange fantasy camp for adults called Owners' workout day. Most impressive of all the perks is the designated parking spot that any owner who signs the agreement will receive. Oh, yeah, and they get to throw out the first pitch at least once per year.