The New York Knicks rode the coattail of Lin-sanity once again on Wednesday night as they won their seventh straight game against the Sacramento Kings, 100-85. Jeremy Lin, who didn't have the offensive scoring firepower he had the previous six games, had 10 points, but also had a career-high 13 assists.

Lin and his play have taken the social media world by storm, and stars from around the sports world, including Michael Vick, Candace Parker and Manny Pacquiao, have acknowledged what the newest star point guard has done, especially via Twitter. However, no athlete seems to have recently offered more input about the craze than basketball's own mentally stimulated Metta World Peace.

Tweeting a steady stream of witty quips since 2:33 a.m. Wednesday, World Peace, whose Lakers fell to the Knicks on Feb. 10, 92-85, might just be Jeremy Lin's biggest, yet most overlooked fan.

Here's what World Peace's mind has splurged:

Jeremy Lin is top 5 nba players Max contract for my client

I will be holding a press conference on Jeremy Lin's play. My congregation is very pleased.. The best point guard in the NBA is here...

Jeremy akaMr.New York Lin will be purchasing half the empire state building. No autographs until after season ;sorry for the inconvience.

Are you Lin sane? Can u Lin me a dollar? Is there a LINiear eclipse tonight? I might wear LINing tonight.

Jeremy Lin for World president.. LINministration for the middle class.. Metta for secretary of defense...

'Excuse me mam. Are you Latino? What LINuage do you speak?'

Jeremy Lin can score on anyone without a ProbLIN..

The only reason Jeremy Lin is playing in the NBA is because he is blessed and its not a LINconvience to him..

The only issue I have with Jeremy Lin is he should switch to METTAsoft word instead of LINdows.....

God created earth in 7 days , Jeremy Lin created energy in new York city in 6 games..

Chinese currency should say LIN instead of YEN...

For several hours, you would have thought the artist formerly known as Ron Artest ran out of mental gas with this tweet at 9:33 p.m. on Wednesday:

Ok I'm out of Lin jokes.

But who were we kidding? At around the same time as the intellectual wave began on Wednesday, it picked up again starting at 2:36 a.m. Thursday morning:

Make sure yal buy the AIR LIN'S... I want to sign with air Lin. I'll b the defense shoe.

I need a pair of the LIN shades....

I say Lin create his own shoe line like Starbury and make a billion.. Yal laughing but I think he can do it.

And that's all for now.

Lin-sanity may have calmed down a bit since Lin wasn't able to put on the offensive showcase everyone had anticipated against the Kings on Wednesday.

But stay tuned-because as long as the Lin-sanity levels stay above water, World Peace will for sure continue to use his Lin-tellectual talents for more praise.