The Mexican president Felipe Calderon has declared 2011 to be his country's “year of tourism.” This acknowledges the importance of the industry to the country but also makes property here more interesting to foreign investors.

The most common places for overseas investors to buy are in the beachfront communities which may already have many activities in place to cater for the tourist industry. The increased focus on tourism will mean the addition of more activities making beachfront properties more attractive to holidaymakers. If visitors numbers increase then there will be a corresponding increase in the number of services offered which include supermarkets, restaurants and shops, and locals will make even more of an effort to learn English to cater for the tourist industry.

The foreign investors who will be interested in Mexico also include international hotel chains and shops, and their money will provide the government with more funds to improve the infrastructure which will include new roads and better airports. Holidaymakers will be prepared to pay more to rent properties that are surrounded by these types of amenities, and the knock-on effect is that property values will increase as the country becomes richer creating greater investment potential. When the time comes to resell it should be possible to do so at a profit.

Mexico is particularly popular with American and Canadian tourists who often choose to stay for extended periods of time and would be interested in renting quality properties for their holidays. Many choose to come for a month or more, especially during winter.