In a victory for environmentalists, Mexican President Felipe Calderon on Friday canceled the construction of a planned resort in Baja California.

The resort, dubbed Cabo Cortes, would have occupied 9,400 acres, according to the BBC. Spanish development company Hansa Urbana was preparing to build several hotels, condos and housing units, as well as a jetport, a marina and other tourist attractions.

But environmentalist groups have protested the development for years, and Hansa Urbana was unable to prove that their work would not cause irrevocable damage to the surrounding area, which includes the Cabo National Marine Park and is home to 226 species of fish and a remarkably well-preserved coral reef.

Canceling Cabo Cortes is a triumph for Mexicans who raised their voice to demand that the president ... stop favoring the interests of plundering businesses, said Patricia Arendar, head of Greenpeace Mexico, to the Miami Herald.

Calderon's decision came two days ahead of the G-20 summit, which gathered at the very southern tip of Baja California on Monday. The loss of Mexico's contract won't help the Spanish economy, which is struggling to stay afloat and will be a major subject of discussion at the summit.