M.F. Hussain, who became India's most sought-after painter, died in exile in London on Thursday. He was 95.

Hussain began his career has a movie billboard artist and rose to become the most popular painter in India in the 1940s. He was part of a group of artises headed by Francis Newton Souza. The group was known for breaking with traditional Indian paiting style. Breaking tradition became a staple of Hussain's career. In the 1970s he began painting nudes but it wasn't until the 1990s that people took notice.

Hussain did a series of paintings that depicted Hindi icons in the nude. These images caused an uproar in india, receiving death threats because of a painting of Mother India which showed a nude woman shaped like a map of India. Hussain fled the country for Dubai.

The Associated Press reported that Hussain died at Brompton hosptial in London. Hussain, known as India's Picasso, spoke of wishing to return to India in recent interviews, but he never did.