Miami foreclosures are the excellent deal to buy, if one is contemplating on buying a home for the first time or is investing in a second house. Miami has ample employment opportunities and space to grow. It is the fifth most populous state in the US. However due to the recession, many houses have undergone foreclosures. Miami foreclosures offer very lucrative deals in the residential as well as commercial properties and in Miami another advantage is that many buildings are multipurpose. That is one can use it for diverse functions.

Recently, according to a survey Miami foreclosures were down by five to six percent. But contradicting to it, online figures show that approximately 14000 homes were under foreclosure till December 2009. Although it is less than November 2009 figures, it is still a huge inventory. Also the average price in Miami foreclosures is very low, an average house would cost about $160,000 and below but one may find many of these homes in a dilapidated state. Nevertheless profitable options like $8000 rebate for first time buyers and $6500 to the second time buyers are offered by the state. People can benefit by 30 to 50 percent of the money compared to actual market price of the property, if they buy a foreclosed property in Miami.

To attract more customers the state has simplified the buying process:

  • There are three levels in Miami foreclosures. First is the pre-foreclosure level, where one can procure the house from the owner straightforwardly. At this point one gets an opportunity of inspecting the house before buying and has a good probability of negotiating the price.
  • If the house does not get sold at this level, it goes into the second level where an auction is organized to sell the house. The drawback here is that you cannot see the house in advance and should have sufficient money to deposit after you have bought the house. Hence there is a possibility that you may shell out extra money than if you would have bought it from the owner itself.
  • Even after this event, if the house is not sold, it is sent back to the bank and sold through the bank or a hired agent. Again drawback here is that you would have to pay extra brokerage charges to the agent and can bid on only one property at a time.

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