5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) guitarist Michael Clifford took a nasty fall during Sunday’s BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards.

Clifford dropped into a hole in the middle of the stage at London’s Wembley Arena, BBC Newsbeat reported. Clifford’s stage accident happened towards the latter part of the band’s “Hey Everybody” performance, where fans saw him suddenly disappearing from the stage with his guitar.

5SOS band member Ashton Irwin told BBC Newsbeat that Clifford was “unaware of the hole” at the middle portion of the stage. "We hadn't actually been on the stage, we hadn't sound checked today,” he explained. “We just kind of went out there. The thing is with radio shows, I mean the stages are always different. They always do some crazy stuff with the stage shape. They just never have a regular stage."

Irwin also shared that Clifford was attended by the backstage medical team after his fall. He even commented how his fellow 5SOS band member was “lucky” that the incident “didn’t turn out like The Edge from U2.” Irwin was referring to that time when the U2 guitarist fell off a stage in Canada earlier this year and he had to be assisted up by security guards.

5SOS Calum Hood also joked to BBC Newsbeat that he “wouldn’t have minded” if Clifford had broken his leg from the fall. Hood added, “I could do with some time off."

Meanwhile, Clifford also took to Twitter after his fall to assure his fans that he was alright, E!News reported. He wrote, "WHY DO I ALWAYS HURT MYSELF," and stated that he’s “on crutches for the next few days” given the stage accident. The 19-year-old musician also thanked BBC Radio 1 for having them during the awards show, before commenting, "Wembley arena doesn't like me much."

In June, Clifford also had a stage accident in Wembley arena, when a pyrotechnics show during the band’s performance had set a portion of his hair on fire and even injured part of his face. He also received immediate backstage treatment then and has already recovered from the accident.