He's a devilishly handsome, critically acclaimed actor, and he seems to snag the best movie roles out there ('Jane Eyre' and 'X-Men: First Class' come to mind). So why is Michael Fassbender single?  The answer is simple: He's too busy starring in a plethora of high-profile films -- and traveling the world to promote them (this week he was at the Berlin Film Festival to promote 'Haywire') to find time to date women. Fassbender (known by adoring female fans as Fassy) is known to consider his focus on his career to be selfish. 

It's very difficult to maintain a relationship doing this kind of job, He told OK! UK. I know people do manage to maintain marriages and relationships within it, but I'm pretty selfish in terms of how I work and the time I take. I disappear, I don't see my friends for like four weeks, or very seldomly I see them, so it's not fair on a partner when you're not there and [not] investing [or] giving them something to sort of work with. 

With highly anticipated films like Prometheus on the way, it seems that available women everywhere will have to wait quite some time for a break in the actor's schedule.