Paris Jackson is hitting back at haters on social media for trolling her amid rumors that the 18-year-old is going "totally out of control." Most recently, rumors surfaced raising concerns of an addiction issue after photos online showed Michael Jackson's daughter buying alcohol. 

On Thursday, Paris took to her Instagram account to share a photo of her with boyfriend Michael Snoddy. Along with the photo, Paris shared a long message:

I would very much like to address something here. i realize that a very very large portion of the followers i have are people that highly dislike me and very much enjoy to write negative things about what i say and do. it's alarming and a little scary how a small thing i do blows up because the negative followers try to micromanage and control what i do, and there was something i did to piss them off that they don't agree with. now for example, if a complete and utter stranger goes onto a close friend of mine's account to get a photo of me, i'd like to think it's fair for me to say something about it. yet if i do, all of a sudden i'm a raging and ungrateful b---- with an enormous ego and attitude, and all of a sudden the good things i do never happened. i think it's a very black and white, all or nothing type of deal here, and if that's the case, i'd rather not be using social media. it's getting crazy again, like it did a few years ago when i took a 3 year break from social media. the ridicule and slander that is on this site is no better, and usually even worse, than the awful things written in the tabloids. i find that very sad. another thing i would like to address is if anyone says something rude or hurtful, their account is blocked. i said it before and i guess no one listened and i'm getting hell for "hurting people" by blocking them "for no reason." i had reason, and i clarified it. i stand by that. further more if anyone that doesn't like me is following this account, i urge you to please just unfollow. if what i do upsets you in any way i really don't want you to see it because that just encourages more anger and hate. i try to do everything i can with love and humor, sometimes it doesn't come across that way and i genuinely apologize for that. i understand that people may read what i write in a b----- and rude voice, so i'll try to be more clear with the messages i put out there. once again, if you don't like me please don't waste your time on me.

Paris also took to her Twitter account late Thursday, saying that the hate against her is also affecting her boyfriend and his family.

Last week, Radar Online reported that Paris' family is "terrified" that she may be spiraling out of control after pictures of her carrying a bag full of booze surfaced.

"Paris is 18 now and there is not really much that anyone can do to stop her," a source, who spoke to Paris' family about the photos, told Radar Online. "Of course her family is worried! They are absolutely terrified and have worried about Paris non-stop since her dad Michael died. But, up until now, they did not have any proof.

"Paris tells her family that she is still sober and that her boyfriend is, too. She claims to be going to A.A. meetings and working with a sponsor," the source added.

In May, Paris' family expressed concern over her lifestyle as she was going "totally out of control." Paris got a tongue ring and several tattoos since she started dating Snoddy, and her family reportedly didn't like it.