Paris Jackson (in the red) is being scouted by the Lingerie Football League

It clearly hasn't gone unnoticed that Paris Jackson, the 13-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson, is breaking down barriers in becoming the first girl to ever play for her school's American football team.  

The news of her unique achievement has apparently caught the eye of the L.F.L. (Lingerie Football League), who are keen to recruit the youngster and make her a spokesperson for the League's youth setup.


Ignoring how inappropriate the notion is, L.F.L. Commissioner Mitchell S. Mortaza aims to open up youth clinics all over America to provide a platform for young girls who wish to play American football but as yet have no outlet or platform to do so.

Before this begins to sound too obscene, it must be pointed out that in these youth initiatives, the girls are not required to play in lingerie like the adults do.

The 'sport' began as a novelty idea for the half-time Superbowl show and would feature models and other recognized women.  

It has since blossomed into a regulated league and has been running since 2009.  Whilst it claims to be breaking down barriers for women in the sport, it appears oblivious to the irony that it has only turned in to a sport thanks to the sexualized nature of the spectacle.

The League's commissioner does make a valid point that platforms should be provided for young girls who wish to participate in American football, but suggesting that they should aspire to play the sport in their lingerie sends out the wrong message.