What does a world-famous, Olympic gold medalist do during a night out with his fiancée? In a new interview, Nicole Johnson dishes on her relationship with Phelps, opening up about everything from their date nights to their upcoming wedding.  

Speaking to Cosmopolitan magazine on Monday, Johnson revealed that she and Phelps are still trying to figure out what “date night” is, but when they do spend some alone time together it’s either grabbing dinner or hanging out at home. “We’re still learning what date night is and we’re balancing with Boomer,” she said. “We love going to dinner. We love being home and cooking together. We’re homebodies. We like to play cards together. We’ll go in the backyard and play cornhole. I think that was our very first date night was playing cornhole in the backyard because we had someone who could watch Boomer at the house.”

Johnson said now that Phelps is done with the 2016 Rio Olympics they get to “have fun” again. “We were out riding bikes yesterday while my mom watched Boomer,” she said. “We get to enjoy parts of life that everybody gets to on a daily basis that we had to step away from so Michael could go and do what he needed to do.”

The 31-year-old former Miss California also talked about planning a wedding with the 31-year-old swimmer, telling the magazine that she’s been doing a majority of the planning but Phelps does give his opinions when it comes to certain things. “I know Michael well enough to know he doesn’t need to partake in the tiny, minuscule decisions,” she said. “But I also know him well enough to know that he does want to be involved in what flavor our cake is going to be and what flowers he thinks is ugly and what flowers he thinks are really pretty.”

Johnson previously told “Access Hollywood” that she and Phelps had already decided on a wedding date and wanted a “small and intimate” ceremony. The former pageant winner, who gave birth to her Phelps’ first child, Boomer, in May, said the reception will be a “massive bash” for their friends and family.

Ever since finishing the Rio games, Phelps has been enjoying his retirement with his son and future wife. Last week, he shared an Instagram photo of him and Johnson on the red carpet, gushing about his bride-to-be. “I love spending time together with you!! Thank you for everything!! Can’t wait for the next chapter in our life to begin! Love you!!” he captioned the photo.