A man who had been missing for about week is in the hospital after police discovered him in a wooded area on Highway 101 where his wrecked pick-up truck was discovered almost a week ago.

The 25-year-old man, Michael Sanchez, was reported missing by his family when he did not arrive at a funeral service last Thursday. His family last heard from him May 8, around 1 a.m. He apparently crashed his car into bushes and trees next to a freeway off ramp on Highway 101 in San Jose, Calif., reported KTVU.

On Monday, police learned that the man's car had been towed on May 10, reported the Associated Press.

A witness believed they saw him leave the vehicle unscathed.

We had somebody say that this guy's mobile, said California Highway Patrol Lt. Les Bishop, reported KTVU.  They watched him get out and walk away.

The California Highway Patrol immediately sent out a search team and had the fire department assist by setting up flood lights. However, they did not find anything.

It was a diligent, thorough search, said Bishop. It wasn't just 45 minutes of standing around.  It was looking around through the brush.

CHP said they checked the shoulders of the highway, the freeway an adjacent park as well as surrounding neighborhoods. They ran his registration through their system, hoping something would pop.  

On Tuesday, detectives from the San Jose police department received a detailed location of the crash site. They went back to the scene, hoping to find something that could lead them to Sanchez.

They scoured the on and off ramps and went into the wooded area. They eventually discovered Sanchez lying on the ground off the Hellyer Avenue ramp. He was alive, but unresponsive, reported KTVU.  

He was located just before 6 p.m. in an area that was completely out of view of the roadway or specifically from passing motorists, said San Jose Police Officer Jose Garcia, reported ABC.

It was unclear what happened to Sanchez after his car crashed and authorities are unsure when he lost consciousness.

Michael was taken to San Jose Regional Medical Center. He remains hospitalized. Authorities have not released any further information on his condition, but his sister, Pricilla Sanchez, said he was still unconscious.

Right now, Michael's on life support, she told KGO.

Pricilla is hoping her brother will survive the ordeal, but has many questions for the police regarding the incident. She could not understand how police were unable to find her brother after his car was towed or after the initial search.

If they did their search, they should have found my brother's body, said Pricilla. If I report it, my brother missing on that Thursday, they should have traced that truck. If CHP picked up his truck on the 8th, why didn't they report, 'I found a truck, there's a person missing.' You know, why wasn't I informed?