Hayward Police said that the suspect or suspects in the 26-year-old missing nursing student Michelle Le are being narrowed down and are confident that an arrest will take place in the near future.

According to the statement, issued over last weekend, police are processing evidence to narrow down some potential suspects in the case, which they have ruled as a homicide on June 6.

“Some of the results that have been completed have assisted us in reducing suspicion on some persons,” Lt. R. Keener of Hayward police said in a statement.

“It is our belief that through the processing of evidence and continued interviews, we will know the identity of the suspect/suspects responsible for Michelle's disappearance in the not too distant future,” Keener added.

Le's family still believes she is alive and will come back soon. “We believe that she's alive,” Le’s aunt Thuy Le said. “We're hoping that she comes back to us very, very soon.”

More than two months ago, Le went missing during a break from her clinical rotation at Kaiser Permanente Hayward Medical Center. As police investigation progressed, they found Le's car parked nearby, a few blocks away. The police found blood inside the car but there was no sign of Le.

Le's family has offered $100,000 for the information leading to her whereabouts and have even employed a private investigator to help in the search. Police and private citizens are also conducting searches for the missing girl.

"I want her to come back to me……two months and two days……I miss her too much." Le's grandmother said in tears.

“We want her home,” said Krystine Dinh, Le’s cousin. “We want her back with us and if not back with us, then justice to be served.”

Michelle Le, a 26-year-old nursing girl, was born in San Diego and had moved to Bay area for eight years.

She had studied at San Francisco State University and had recently enrolled in a nursing program at a Samuel Merritt University campus in San Mateo to complete a clinical rotation at Kaiser Permanente Hayward Medical Center.