Michelle Mack, a 37 year old woman who was born with half of her brain, showed her story to the world on Tuesday.

Mack suffered a brain lesion likely from a pre-birth stroke that took away practically the left side of her brain. She however, can speak normally, graduated from high school and according to doctors; the existent part of her brain has rewired itself to make up for the functions that were lost, CNN reports.

Mack said it was hard for her as she grew up because nobody knew what the truth about her brain was until she was 27. Since then, her intellectual functions have improved, according to Dr. Jordan Grafman, the doctor that diagnosed the medical problem, according to CNN. 

Scientists believed most brain damage was incurable but Mack's case showed doctors that the brain can change its own structure to compensate for an injury.

I wanted to do this so people like producers, photographers and security guards and police officers learn about people like me, Mack told CNN. She lives with her parents and works from home doing data entry for her church. I'm normal but have special needs, Mack added.