width=200Michelle Pfeiffer knows how to guard her privacy when she wants to, but when she has a movie to promote, she's EVERYWHERE! We have seen very little of Michelle Pfeiffer since she doubled our pleasure in 2007, starring back to back in the films Hairspray and Stardust. Fortunately for us, Michelle is now promoting a new movie, and we get to see her out in public again.

In her new movie Cheri, Michelle Pfeiffer plays an experienced French courtesan in turn of the century Belle Époque France, who is hired to teach a lazy young man (Rupert Friend), a thing or two about women. Not since Dangerous Liaisons have we seen Michelle Pfeiffer in a period piece, and she looks every bit as good as she did when that film came out, 21 years ago.

It is not often these days that an actress of 51 is as celebrated as Michelle Pfeiffer; she even graces the cover of this month's In Style magazine! Is it that she's just that good? Or perhaps that we don't grow tired of her because we are never over exposed? In any case, 51 has never looked better!

Recently out on the circuit promoting Cheri, Michelle Pfeiffer was a guest on The Late Show with David Letterman. A longtime devoted fan of Armani, Michelle showed off her figure in a fitted grey tweed dress, and black patent platform heels. Michelle finished her look with a yellow diamond pendant necklace. The diamond necklace is a subtle and beautiful choice for Michelle Pfeiffer, whose accoutrements typically lean towards the understated.

Michelle Pfeiffer has proven with her In Style magazine cover that she can hold her own against women half her age. Would you like to see more of her, or do her regular absences from the public eye make her even more compelling?

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