A man believed to have killed seven people in Grand Rapids, Michigan initiated a manhunt today.  Officers are believed to have caught the suspect but residents are advised to stay in their homes.  34-year-old Rodrick Shonte Dantzler appears to be very agile.

The Associated Press reported that a man who said that his young daughter was inside of a house where three bodies were found collapsed in the street.  Four bodies were discovered in a Grand Rapids home.  Three more were found in a home across town.  One of the suspects was a ten-year-old girl. 

The Grand Rapids Press reported that one of the murdered women had been romantically linked to him and that his hostility was founded in domestic issues.  They also said that police chased the man until he crashed his car into a ditch.  The suspect took off by foot and was chased by a Special Response Team. 

The Grand Rapids Press also said that the suspect has arrived at an apartment where he is holding at least one person hostage.  At least three shots were fired inside of the house. 

Another man was also shot in a related incident but did not die.

State Corrections spokesman Russ Marlan said that Dantzler was discharged from prison in 2005.  Dantzler's Facebook page said that he was a tech building engineer and a Grand Rapids citizen.

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