Actor Mickey Rourke, of The Wrestler fame, apparently has the makings of a world-class track star. Even at age 59, Rourke says he was able to vanquish the 25-year-old Usain Bolt, gold medal winning Olympian and so-called fastest man alive. The race took place late at night, around 4 a.m. outside a London nightclub.

It was just that time of night, when anything could happen, said Rourke (via Yahoo). The two, after imbibing a few drinks at Central London's Wellington, went outside of the club, stepped back a few paces, and sprinted about 30 meters. After being given a slight head start, Rourke was able to keep a few inches between himself and Bolt, narrowly winning their impromptu footrace.

The two ran into each other while Rourke partied with the Huddersfield Giants rugby team. After tearing his bicep while arm-wrestling one of the rugby players, Rourke walked up to Bolt in the exclusive Wellington (where there's even a special room dubbed The Rourke Room) and challenged him, saying Come on, let's go. Now Rourke can add Olympic-level athlete to his already impressive resume of acting awards and nominations.

Rourke, a world-class partier and Hollywood bad boy, is accustomed to finding himself in trouble late at night. But this time, he says it was a pretty good way to end up.